A movement research and contact improvisation project within communities from 5 countries: Poland, Slovakia, Czechia, Hungary and Turkey. Join the 2-day-long workshop lead by Emilia Gündüz and Erdem Gündüz. Free and for everybody.  

About the workshop

Dance improvisation does not require any prior skills. We are offering structured improvisation which is the mixture of conscious choice and spontaneous reaction.

We believe one of our pristine needs is to belong somewhere, to be part of some community. We would like to invite people from Poland, Slovakia, Czech, Hungary and Turkey to explore together how to melt our personal boundaries and use movement to express ourselves, to communicate staying independent and individual but utilising our bodies to build bridges for communication with others.

From workshops by Emilia and Erdem
From workshops by Emilia and Erdem
From workshops by Emilia and Erdem
From workshops by Emilia and Erdem
From workshops by Emilia and Erdem
From workshops by Emilia and Erdem

We will try to find the answer to the question of how to stay attuned to our inner world while staying open to other people.

We will be observing how we initiate relations with others in non-verbal ways. By playing we will try to get rid of immobility and rigidity, we will try to get rid of our "armouring" that we happened to carry with our bodies, very often unconsciously.

We will be reminded of what it means to have freedom of movement through the entire length of the body.


We will be reminded of how it is like to feel good with our bodies.


We will gain the insight of previously unknown facets of ourselves, thus bringing to light new information and awareness of ourselves.


On Sat/Sun 10 and 11 March

Everyday 10–18 h

Venue to be specified (Izmir)


The workshop is lead by Emilia Gündüz and Erdem Gündüz.

Ask if you have any question

Edita Bapčányová


3. Vişegrad-Türk Kültür Festivali Uluslararası Vişegrad Fonu Başkonsolosluklarının katkılarıyla düzenlenmektedir. Festival kendi vatandaşlarını, üyelerini ve kardeş toplumlarını temsil eden Çek Cumhuriyeti, Macaristan, Polonya ve Slovakya (Vişegrad Dörtlüsü, V4) ve Türk dernekleri tarafından Visegrad-Türk Toplumu Girişimi adı altında düzenlenecektir.

3rd Visegrad-Turkish Culture Festival is supported by International Visegrad Fund and Consulate Generals of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

The festival is organised by Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Slovak (Visegrad Four, V4) and Turkish associations representing their expat, compatriot or friendship communities under the name of Visegrad-Turkish Community Initiative. 

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