Central European Flms On the Way to Istanbul

Within the scheme of Visegrad Group partnership Czech, Polish, Hungarian, and Slovak cinematography will be presented in Istanbul within the very first edition of Central European Film Festival, entitled “The Fantastic Four”. The event is hosted by the Hungarian Cultural Center between November 24-28 2015 and is going to happen thanks to multilateral cooperation of general consulates of Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia.

The Visegrad Group reflects the efforts of these four neighbour countries of Central Europe to work together in a number of fields of common interest, including cultural heritage. The pilot edition focuses on fantastic, magical or horror motives in the national cinematographies which have gone through the similar dynamics in the past and all have received global recognition. The festival selection features mostly "style-setting" movies from the second half of 20th Century: the very iconic Czech movie “The Deadly Invention” (1958) based on Jules Verne's novels, or “Cat City” (1986), a legendary animated film of Hungarian production. Slovak cinematography is represented by the world-reputed director Juraj Jakubisko’s fairy-tale ‘The Feather-Fairy’ (1984), and Polish party composed a sequence of contemporary short movies by young film-makers. The festival will be accompanied by an exhibition of Central European film posters which will take place in Gama Gallery between December 11-23.

Project partners

Hungarian Cultural Centre, Istanbul Consulate General of the Czech Republic Consulate General of Hungary Consulate General of Poland Consulate General of Slovakia Czech Expats in Istanbul Association Moravian Gallery in Brno Gama Gallery, Istanbul

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